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Specialist Tool for logging
iLogger is a desktop application optimised around the rapid marking and tagging of video material (Points of Interest) during or after the ingest process. It can be used with live pictures, server playback and/or active browse so is ideal for live or other high throughput environments. With the ability to segment material for both inclusion and exclusion iLogger is ideally suited for marking and editing for commercial breaks and for compliance purposes.
Rapid access to metadata
iLogger provides direct access to potentially complex metadata using event specific data sets. Whether it be a sports event with teams, players and statistics or a parliamentary broadcast with members names, constituencies etc. the operator gets 'single button' access to the appropriate data and keywords.
Frame Accurate
iLogger supports frame accurate logging/tagging of specific points and periods of time to allow direct use of logged/tagged and edited material direct to air.
Browse Proxy Viewing
With integration of Active Browse iLogger allows the operator to access browse quality versions of material as it is being recorded with full ability to 'scrub' up and down the timeline with rapid access to points of interest and back to the 'record head'
Automatic Thumbnails
In environments including browse, iLogger generates thumbnails for all captured Points of Interest. Thumbnails are then available within the iLogger interface and throughout the iFind system.
Configurable metadata
iLogger provides a fully configurable metadata set with the ability to create new type of event or sport plus all the related data and keywords.
Fully Integrated with iFind
iLogger is fully integrated with iFind and all points of interest created on iLogger are instantly available within the iFind GUI
Flexible GUI
The user interface is also configurable to suit both the event type, logging method and operator preference.
iLogger in Action